Flow & Attention

Access Flow State Through Attention

We double-blind our science to correct for the impact of attention.  Alternatively, we can cultivate attention and wield it deliberately. Which would you rather do?

I think back to an experience in college that helped me begin to understand how attention works.  The lecture halls had hundreds of seats. Over time I would find myself drawn to a certain area, then a certain seat - the one that felt just “right.”  I am recalling as I write this that Carlos Castaneda wrote about finding one’s “seat,” about how both elusive and fundamental this concept really is.

My attention then expanded to include the way I felt around people.  We talk about this all the time; how this person or that person just rubs us a certain way, how good or not so good it feels to be around so-and-so.  We vaguely call this our “gut” feeling, or “instinct,” or being “in sync.”

Animals use instincts to find food, avoid danger, etc. - and so did we once upon a time.  And while we no longer require instincts to survive in this same way, the ability to access them in today’s world can feel like something of a superpower.  When it comes to healing, relationships, and even decisions in life and business, our ability to access and respond to our gut feelings to find that “resonant match” and flow provides invaluable guidance to achieving a fulfilling life.

We haven’t lost our ability to access subtle feedback from our senses, we’re out of shape is all.  Use “it or lose it,” isn’t that what we say? Paying attention to our body’s responses takes practice, much like building muscles. The good news is we’re not learning anything new - we’re simply remembering, and we’ve all got plenty “attention memory” for skill sets that relate to survival, resonance and flow. That’s how nature works!

Comments & questions?  Add below! In my next blog I will talk about fun and easy ways to build and wield attention memory.  Stay tuned!