How Can Trauma Lead to Healing?

Photo by  fabioretratos  from  Pexels

Photo by fabioretratos from Pexels

Over the years I’ve had a few bad fall injuries (skiing - ouch!).   Each time I felt a crushing force move from my tailbone right up into my head.  Not pretty. These were complicated, full-body traumas that set me on my path of lifelong learning about bodies, how they heal and restore to fluid motion.

I’d made great progress - from basically no L5 vertebral disc and constant pain to a nearly re-grown disc on MRI, complete function and no pain. Yes that’s right, discs can re-grow! But I digress.

Fast forward to a few years ago roller skating.  A kid fell and whipped my skates right out from under me. BAM. Freefall. My tailbone hit the floor. It felt like I had recreated my old trauma all over again. My back, neck and my brain were locked and in excruciating pain, and I was flooded with fears that I had reversed all those years of hard work.

WIth urgency I focused my attention in my bones.  I received an osteopathic healing that night, and the next day another.  I kept my attention on the areas that called to me and I first imagined and then started to feel flow and circulation restore.  

The following day I felt something I’d never felt before.  It was a stirring wave-like sensation deep within my tailbone. My eyes grew wide. Healing was happening deep in the bone and I could feel it.  The whole area felt awake in a whole new way.  That’s the moment I “got it.” I realized that new trauma, when combined with focused attention can actually “wake up” dormant areas of the body, restore flow and activate healing.

The “aha” came as the dots connected; we actually have to push beyond our limit to extend our limit.  It’s the reason doctors do injection therapies into joints to stimulate new tissue growth, and apply lasers to skin to build new collagen.  Why wouldn’t traumas of all kinds, handled consciously, stimulate deep thawing and healing?  

I’ve haven’t viewed “accidents” the same since. Trauma redefined as access to deeper healing and flow.  What a reframe. More on that to come!