Flow and Body Weight


How are flow and body weight related?   Several ways, actually.

Most of us don’t know that our bodies use fat cells to store the toxins we can’t excrete.  And, if you recall, flow has everything to do with efficient elimination. It’s plumbing, really, and the solution to pollution is dilution!

Why do bodies in flow eliminate more efficiently?  

We’ve talked about how flow states correlate with stability in the nervous system, and how the state of the nervous system has everything to do with how well our circulation and organ systems do their work of delivering nutrients and removing waste products and toxins.

To review, when we’re in “survival mode,” or “Fight, Flight, Freeze, Hide,” not only do we create stress chemicals, but our organ systems eliminate these and other toxins poorly.  We don’t perform non-essential functions like digestion and elimination when we’re running from the lion. We just run.

On the other hand, when we’re in flow state, or “restorative mode,” which is characterized by “Rest, Digest, Heal, Feel,” our circulation and organ systems are on-line and able to do the work of detoxifying the body. 

There is another mechanism by which flow impacts our weight.  When we’re in survival mode of “Fight, Flight, Freeze, Hide,” we feel less grounded and our vigilance is high.  Putting on weight is one way to insulate and ground ourselves. It helps us feel safe. 

Another thing we do is eat to simply soothe ourselves.  Eating is one way to pacify, but it’s not always the healthiest way.    

There are many simple and enjoyable ways to boost our circulation, help our organs function, ground ourselves and soothe frazzled nerves.  Practices that expand the capacity of the nervous system and stabilize our physiology have to do with focusing our attention, feeling our bodies, grounding ourselves and connecting with what feels good in our lives.

We can access flow in every moment.  It’s time to review the DIY flow blogs (links below),  remember these? Have fun and keep me posted!