Your Body Knows


I had a revelation this year that completely reframed the meaning of healing.  I realized, I’ve had it mostly wrong.  

Medical school trained me to be a champion fixer of problems.  Remove the symptom and there is no problem, right? Um, no, not right.  Let me say it again. I was not right! And, I couldn’t be happier about it.

What I’ve learned is symptoms are actually messages. They’re skillfully relayed communications from our bodies letting us know that something is needed.  When we don’t respond to these messages, perhaps instead opting for a pill that will silence the call, the message invariably comes through another way. Our bodies don’t give up on us!

I’ve seen some of the most remarkable and revelatory healing experiences take place on the heels of reframing the role we play in our own healing.  Lives that open up to be fully lived. The return of flow and grace. I want this for everyone.

I started suggesting to people, “Imagine your symptoms are a box of art supplies.  Would you come in for an art consultation and say, ‘how quickly can you help me get rid of these supplies?’”  You wouldn’t.

You’ve heard, “we are what we eat.”  Well, we are what we do, and think, too.  Each and every day the way we choose to be in the world is the single most powerful determinant of well-not-well, happy-not-happy.

Imagine that we are authors, and that our bodies and our healing are our creative work.  Imagine health care providers as editors. Most certainly editors are needed, no doubt about that, because as authors, we simply cannot be the fresh set of eyes that lends a new perspective.  And, WE are the authors. We are number one when it comes to our healing.

Sometimes our bodies are saying, “Can you choose a kinder way to sit.  Or walk. Or sleep. Or think. Or talk.” Alternatively, we may need to look and see if we’re spending our time and energy in ways that truly honor our calling.  Sometimes, the nourishment we’re yearning for may have to do with shifting the focus of our lives toward the people and things we truly love; with finding our flow.

I’ve come to see that healing is not an obligation, it’s an invitation to be in a deep and gratifying relationship with our bodies and our lives.  Being in service to this feeds my soul.  No burn-out happening here!  

Your body, and your spirit, in your life, is your book.  What’s it really about? What wants to come through you? Our bodies know, and they “tell” us through sensation and emotion.  To hear it, we have to feel. There are several blogs on my website on the art of feeling . . . it’s a skill, to be sure. Happy listening; I’d love to hear how it goes!