How Can Flow Heal Trauma?


Ever wonder what’s going on in the body when we feel really vital and strong?

The usual things (sleep, water, good food etc.) are all helpful AND, certain less tangible things are too, like the state of the nervous system.  If we tend toward hyper-vigilance because of past trauma, it can be challenging for the body to shift to the opposite of stress, or “restoration” mode.

When our nervous system shifts toward equilibrium, stress, gripping and clenching drop away, and the body relaxes and softens.  Our bodies can LITERALLY begin to melt.

Going deeper into the “melt” happens when life comes back into the body; anything that wakes up our vital energy renders a state akin to “static cling on a sock”.  Our cells literally puff up, expand and begin to float.

When our bodies come to life this way, all our biochemistry kicks into high gear.  We begin to feel more power and capability, which in turn shifts the nervous system even further from vigilance toward healing.  There’s something of a domino effect once the process gets started.

As we continue to melt, the circulations in the body pick up and the tissues themselves can become so fluid that they can begin to remodel and re-pattern at a very deep level; even in the bones.  It’s as though our bodies micronize and then begin to reconstitute, as fluids do, toward steady-state equilibrium.

In this state of flow “cell memory,” or imprints of trauma both physical and emotional, seemingly move like vapor out of the tissues, and the memory for healthy states and patterns within the body begin to re-emerge.

Achieving states of flow in the body can literally thaw us from a deep freeze back to vitality. Healing happens when states of flow penetrate so deeply that the body is freed up do what it does naturally - move toward health and renewal.

“Last session, she melted my nervous system and then gently pushed, pulled and twisted all my bones into balance, including my teeth. My face is more balanced and my teeth are straighter! It’s remarkable.”

— Carol Sutherland, Life Coach

Remarkable demonstration of flow movement by Susan Harper, teacher of Continuum Movement: