Sleep Support

. Lovely 100% Mulberry Silk sleep mask - feels AMAZING and blocks out light completely. Closing and opening is so easy and because the strap is so wide there is very little pressure on the head.
. I think it's safe to say that everyone needs more magnesium. This one works wonderfully for sleep and does not cause loose stools.
. In my article "Beautiful Smiles the Natural Way" I talk about tape training - using sport tape or first aid tape from nose to chin during the day to test your ability to keep your lips closed and breath through your nose. The ultimate goal being to see if you can sleep with your mouth closed all night. I like this tape - it doesn't irritate the skin. If it seems too sticky put a bit of lotion on your skin you use it.

Keep screens from overstimulating your nervous system and disrupting your sleep. Use after dark for safe viewing of screens.