Access Flow While You Walk!

Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Ready to get energy from walking?  Natural walking gives us a cool swag, more body comfort, and tone in all the right places!

To get started, stand up and visualize your weight going down into the ground like an anchor, and a chord at top of your head pulling toward the sky.

Then, look in the direction you want to go. This is the secret ingredient.  People tend to look at their feet when they’re “trying” to walk, but that doesn’t work.  When we send our gaze toward the horizon of the direction we want to go, the body can drop into a flowing gait much more easily.

What’s happening?  The trunk of the body under the influence of gravity starts the motion. When the back leg is needed, it is sent forward by a little “push-off” from the ball and toes of the back foot.  Really spread your toes and “grab” the ground and pull it behind you. This is key. The grabbing action engages the back body, which releases the diaphragm and kidneys and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (relieves stress). Feel your tail wag and your butt work — tail wagging is also key!

Then, when you land on the heel of the foot in front of you, roll fully through the whole arch and feel your natural “shock absorber” in action: the foot, ankle, knee, hip and pelvis is a spring mechanism that does a lot of the work of walking as they uncoil from the ground.  The arms of course are swinging back and forth, which adds a nice rotational motion to the whole body.

Be sure to move your belly button toward the spine. This adds a pumping action that energizes the whole the spine. The limbs are relaxed; passive even. When gravity and the bones are doing the work of walking, the joints and muscles remain supple and responsive.  With each step, each joint — even the joints of the spine — are mobilized and lubricated by natural walking.

The result?  You’ll receive a micro-massage throughout your entire body, all day long.  Walking this way invokes power, ease, and healing, and flow! The impact of this state on strength, vitality and creativity is astounding.