Access Flow While You Sit!

How can sitting at your desk GIVE you energy?

How much energy would you have if your body could rest in a dynamic fluid state while you drive and sit at your desk?  A lot!

Blog 7 Sitting with vitality.jpg

Want to give it a try?  

Choose a seat and feel your weight on the ground and in your chair. Feel your bones, especially the bones in your feet, and your sit bones. I curl my toes inside my shoes to make it ignite feeling.

Make sure your hips are slightly higher than your knees. You can sit on the edge of your chair, or put a sturdy wedge or by rolled-up towel under your sit bones.  Imagine a cord pulling the crown of your head toward the sky. When you reach the height that’s right for you, your spine will relax and you will breathe more deeply and more easily.  

Roll slightly forward and tall in your seat and feel the front of your sit bones.  There is something magical that happens when we’re on the front of them. It’s as if the spine can literally begin to spiral tall like a cobra in a basket.  With feet firmly planted, can you feel the subtle waves that happen in your body as you imagine your “cobra” moving skyward?

Now, activate the pelvic floor. This can really heat things up. Imagine that your vital energy is a fluid moving from your seat, through your spine, to the crown of your head.  

The last piece is waking up the area around belly button. I call this area the “fleshy” spine. No need to hold it tight, just make sure it’s “on,” seeking and in a bit of a connected dance with the actual spine.  When the belly is responsive, our hips and shoulders can completely release.

Feel your breath fill your entire body. This way of sitting, of “being” in the body, can feel amazingly buoyant.  Eventually, alighting our bodies with attention this way can become second nature, and sitting tall and in flow can begin to feel effortless.  It can feel less like work and more as if you are being "taken" by a powerful force.

Maintain the image of a cobra rising in a basket.  Feel the flow! The impact of this enlivened state on healing, strength and creativity is astounding.