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Veneziano, DO

Flow as Medicine



My approach to non-surgical orthopedics is rooted in Cranial Osteopathy, a hands-on healing modality that assists the body in its continual effort to balance and restore vitality to the entirety of body, mind and spirit. To me true healing occurs when we embody the fluidity and potency, the state of “flow” we’re born with!



Initially board-certified in Family Medicine, through studies in both Environmental Design and Traditional Osteopathic Medicine I have come to appreciate that true balance and well-being are accessed through alignment with the natural world.

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Every passage is open for the first time in a long time. She opened up up my breathing and broke the ice pack around my heart. She’s the source of my optimism.
— Mort Sahl, Humorist


Michelle is a truly gifted healer. If you are able to get an appointment - don’t think twice. She is a gem that understands things structurally, holistically, emotionally and connects dots like no other. She is worth every penny. I am actually grateful to have had whiplash a 3rd time as that is how I found her and am finally on a path to healing after 15 years of no progress on whiplash and trauma from birth of my now 2 year old son. Thank you Michelle!
— Julie J, CEO
I had two collapsed discs in my lower back and was unable to lie flat or roll over in bed. For two years, I tried everything and ended up with the UCSF spine surgeon who told me I needed surgery.

One day, after researching with my physician colleagues, I went to see Dr. Michelle Veneziano. She was highly recommended by people I trust. The results were amazing! After three treatments, I was able to lie flat and roll over in bed and resume Yoga and Pilates.

I continue to see her regularly because her treatments helped to down-regulate my overactive type-A nervous system.
— Kat Toups, MD, DFAPA
I came to Dr. Veneziano with sciatic pain that my orthopedist had told me I would just have to learn to live with. He also advised me to cancel a trip I had planned and to give up my golf game. I did none of the above! After one visit to Michelle I was walking without pain and full of optimism about my future.
— Neal Rogin, Film Maker
In one hour it feels like Dr. Veneziano un-did 3 back injuries collected over 10 years. I feel better than I did when I was 18. Her knowledge and intuition are astonishing!
— Rachel C, Attorney



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